Full Fixture List

Date Competition Division/Cup Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 12Vs2Axe and Square 2
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 1The Top3Vs1Malt Shovel Old Boys
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 11Vs3Three Crowns 1
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 22Vs2Banks Roadies
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 1Baggies3Vs1Old Black Horse 1
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby Tigers3Vs1Nags Head Donington
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 20151Vs3Bulls Head 1
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 11Vs3Belper Arms 1
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 22Vs2Glenhills 4
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsKeyham 3
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsNags 2
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree Banditos2Vs2Top Bombers
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 12Vs2Three Crowns 3
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 40Vs4Leicester Banks
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 41Vs3Blaby Foxes
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 13Vs1The Glen
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 21Vs3Les Moules
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 51Vs3The Birch Tree 3
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby Rogues2Vs2Quorndon Fox Skittlers
24/04/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsBye1Div4
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBirch Tree BanditosVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundMalt Shovel Old BoysVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundAxe Gladerunners 20151Vs4Leicester Banks
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBlaby TigersVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundNags 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundAnchor 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundNags 2VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundThe TopVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBanks RoadiesVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBulls Head 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBlaby FoxesVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundThe Birch Tree 3VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundAxe and Square 2VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBaggiesVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBulls Head 2VsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundRatby RoguesVsBYE
29/04/2019Presidents CupPreliminary RoundBeacon 1VsBYE
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 12Vs2The Top
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 23Vs1Keyham 1
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 14Vs0Bulls Head 2
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks Roadies1Vs3Baggies
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old Boys0Vs4Anchor 1
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsBye1Div2
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 42Vs2Blaby Tigers
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 33Vs1Axe Gladerunners 2015
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 13Vs1Beacon 1
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 12Vs2Castle Donington 2
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 21Vs3Nags 1
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 33Vs1Three Crowns 4
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester Banks3Vs1Belper Arms 4
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsBye1Div3
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby Foxes1Vs3Birch Tree Banditos
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsRatby Rogues
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 33Vs1Glenhills 3
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox Skittlers2Vs2Quorndon Fox 1
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 4The Glen2Vs2Three Crowns 2
01/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Les Moules2Vs2Belper Arms 5
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 12Vs2Banks Roadies
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 1The Top4Vs0Three Crowns 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 24Vs0Old Black Horse 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Baggies3Vs1Keyham 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 31Vs3Nags Head Donington
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 12Vs2Glenhills 4
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 23Vs1Axe Gladerunners 2015
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsBelper Arms 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby Tigers1Vs3Bulls Head 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsLeicester Banks
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree Banditos4Vs0Three Crowns 3
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 22Vs2Top Bombers
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 43Vs1Blaby Foxes
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 20Vs4The Birch Tree 3
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 52Vs2Quorndon Fox 1
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby Rogues1Vs3Les Moules
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 33Vs1The Glen
08/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsBye1Div4
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundBulls Head 15Vs0The Birch Tree 3
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundBulls Head 20Vs5Ratby Rogues
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundMalt Shovel Old Boys0Vs5Leicester Banks
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundNags 12Vs3Nags 2
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundBanks Roadies4Vs1Blaby Foxes
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundBeacon 15Vs0Birch Tree Banditos
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundBlaby Tigers3Vs2Axe and Square 2
13/05/2019Presidents CupCup First RoundAnchor 13Vs2The Top
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 1The Top3Vs1Anchor 1
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old Boys2Vs2Old Black Horse 1
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks Roadies3Vs1Axe and Square 2
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 14Vs0Bulls Head 2
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 11Vs3Baggies
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 12Vs2Castle Donington 2
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsBye1Div2
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head Donington1Vs3Glenhills 4
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 14Vs0Keyham 3
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 20151Vs3Beacon 1
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester Banks3Vs1Nags 2
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 10Vs4Three Crowns 4
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 34Vs0Belper Arms 4
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsBye1Div3
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Top Bombers2Vs2Blaby Foxes
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 4The Glen0Vs4Belper Arms 5
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 33Vs1Ratby Rogues
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsThe Birch Tree 3
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Les Moules4Vs0Quorndon Fox Skittlers
15/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 13Vs1Three Crowns 2
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsThree Crowns 1
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsAxe and Square 2
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsThe Top
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsBanks Roadies
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsAnchor 1
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsBlaby Tigers
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsBelper Arms 1
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsBye1Div2
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsBulls Head 1
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsKeyham 3
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsThree Crowns 3
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsNags 2
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsBirch Tree Banditos
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsLeicester Banks
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsBye1Div3
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsRatby Rogues
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsThe Glen
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsGlenhills 3
22/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsLes Moules
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsBaggies
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsMalt Shovel Old Boys
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsKeyham 1
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsOld Black Horse 1
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsBulls Head 2
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsGlenhills 4
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsBeacon 1
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsCastle Donington 2
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsNags Head Donington
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsAxe Gladerunners 2015
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsTop Bombers
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsNags 1
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsBlaby Foxes
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsThree Crowns 4
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsBelper Arms 4
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsThe Birch Tree 3
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsThree Crowns 2
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsBelper Arms 5
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsBye1Div4
29/05/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsQuorndon Fox 1
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsBulls Head 2
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsBanks Roadies
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsAnchor 1
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsThe Top
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsAxe and Square 2
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsBlaby Tigers
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsKeyham 3
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsBeacon 1
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsBelper Arms 1
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsBye1Div2
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsThree Crowns 4
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsLeicester Banks
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsBye1Div3
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsBirch Tree Banditos
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsNags 2
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsThree Crowns 2
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsLes Moules
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsRatby Rogues
05/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsGlenhills 3
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsBaggies
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsThree Crowns 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsAnchor 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsThe Top
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsKeyham 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsBye1Div2
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsBlaby Tigers
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsAxe Gladerunners 2015
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsCastle Donington 2
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsBulls Head 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsThree Crowns 3
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsBye1Div3
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsBirch Tree Banditos
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsNags 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsBelper Arms 4
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsRatby Rogues
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsGlenhills 3
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsQuorndon Fox 1
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsBelper Arms 5
12/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsThe Glen
19/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
19/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsBulls Head 1
19/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsNags 1
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsBulls Head 2
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsAxe and Square 2
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsOld Black Horse 1
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsMalt Shovel Old Boys
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsBanks Roadies
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsBelper Arms 1
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsBeacon 1
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsKeyham 3
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsGlenhills 4
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsNags Head Donington
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsThree Crowns 4
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsNags 2
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsBlaby Foxes
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsTop Bombers
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsLeicester Banks
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsThree Crowns 2
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsThe Birch Tree 3
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsBye1Div4
26/06/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsLes Moules
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsBulls Head 2
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsBaggies
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsAnchor 1
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsThe Top
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsKeyham 1
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsBye1Div2
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsBlaby Tigers
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsAxe Gladerunners 2015
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsBeacon 1
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsCastle Donington 2
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsBye1Div3
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsBirch Tree Banditos
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsNags 1
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsThree Crowns 4
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsBelper Arms 4
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsRatby Rogues
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsGlenhills 3
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsQuorndon Fox 1
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsThree Crowns 2
03/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsBelper Arms 5
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsOld Black Horse 1
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsAxe and Square 2
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsThree Crowns 1
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsBanks Roadies
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsBelper Arms 1
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsNags Head Donington
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsGlenhills 4
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsKeyham 3
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsBulls Head 1
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsTop Bombers
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsBlaby Foxes
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsNags 2
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsThree Crowns 3
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsLeicester Banks
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsBye1Div4
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsThe Birch Tree 3
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsThe Glen
10/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsLes Moules
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsBaggies
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsAnchor 1
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsThe Top
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsAxe and Square 2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsBulls Head 2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsBye1Div2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsBlaby Tigers
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsKeyham 3
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsBeacon 1
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsCastle Donington 2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsBye1Div3
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsBirch Tree Banditos
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsNags 2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsThree Crowns 4
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsBelper Arms 4
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsGlenhills 3
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsThree Crowns 2
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsBelper Arms 5
17/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsRatby Rogues
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsThree Crowns 1
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsThe Top
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsBanks Roadies
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsKeyham 1
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsBulls Head 1
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsBlaby Tigers
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsNags Head Donington
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsBelper Arms 1
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsAxe Gladerunners 2015
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsThree Crowns 3
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsBirch Tree Banditos
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsTop Bombers
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsLeicester Banks
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsNags 1
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsThe Glen
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsGlenhills 3
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsBye1Div4
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsLes Moules
24/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsQuorndon Fox 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsOld Black Horse 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsBulls Head 2
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsKeyham 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsBaggies
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsNags Head Donington
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsGlenhills 4
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsBeacon 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsAxe Gladerunners 2015
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsCastle Donington 2
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsTop Bombers
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsBlaby Foxes
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsThree Crowns 4
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsNags 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsBelper Arms 4
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsThe Birch Tree 3
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsThree Crowns 2
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsQuorndon Fox 1
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsBelper Arms 5
31/07/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsBye1Div4
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsAxe and Square 2
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsThe Top
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsBanks Roadies
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsAnchor 1
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsKeyham 3
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsBlaby Tigers
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsBelper Arms 1
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsBye1Div2
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsNags 2
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsBirch Tree Banditos
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsLeicester Banks
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsBye1Div3
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsThree Crowns 3
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsThe Glen
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsGlenhills 3
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsLes Moules
07/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsRatby Rogues
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsOld Black Horse 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsThree Crowns 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsKeyham 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsBaggies
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsGlenhills 4
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsBulls Head 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsAxe Gladerunners 2015
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsCastle Donington 2
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsNags Head Donington
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsTop Bombers
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsBlaby Foxes
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsThree Crowns 3
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsNags 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsBelper Arms 4
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsThe Glen
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsQuorndon Fox 1
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsBelper Arms 5
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsBye1Div4
14/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsThe Birch Tree 3
21/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsThree Crowns 1
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Anchor 1VsOld Black Horse 1
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 1The TopVsBanks Roadies
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Keyham 1VsMalt Shovel Old Boys
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 1BaggiesVsBulls Head 2
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 1Three Crowns 1VsAxe and Square 2
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Bye1Div2VsGlenhills 4
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Blaby TigersVsBelper Arms 1
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Axe Gladerunners 2015VsNags Head Donington
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Castle Donington 2VsBeacon 1
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 2Bulls Head 1VsKeyham 3
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 1VsTop Bombers
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Belper Arms 4VsThree Crowns 4
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 3VsNags 2
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Bye1Div3VsBlaby Foxes
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 3Birch Tree BanditosVsLeicester Banks
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Ratby RoguesVsThe Birch Tree 3
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Glenhills 3VsLes Moules
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox 1VsBye1Div4
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 4Belper Arms 5VsThree Crowns 2
28/08/2019LeagueDivision 4The GlenVsQuorndon Fox Skittlers
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 1Bulls Head 2VsAnchor 1
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 1Axe and Square 2VsThe Top
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 1Old Black Horse 1VsKeyham 1
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 1Malt Shovel Old BoysVsBaggies
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 1Banks RoadiesVsThree Crowns 1
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 2Keyham 3VsBlaby Tigers
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 2Glenhills 4VsAxe Gladerunners 2015
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 2Nags Head DoningtonVsCastle Donington 2
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 2Belper Arms 1VsBulls Head 1
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 2Beacon 1VsBye1Div2
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 3Three Crowns 4VsBye1Div3
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 3Nags 2VsBirch Tree Banditos
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 3Blaby FoxesVsNags 1
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 3Top BombersVsBelper Arms 4
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 3Leicester BanksVsThree Crowns 3
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 4Bye1Div4VsBelper Arms 5
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 4Les MoulesVsThe Glen
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 4Three Crowns 2VsRatby Rogues
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 4Quorndon Fox SkittlersVsGlenhills 3
04/09/2019LeagueDivision 4The Birch Tree 3VsQuorndon Fox 1