Leicestershire Petanque Summer League
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Division 1

Submitted Home Away
13/09/2018Rutland Panthers4-0Baggies
13/09/2018The Top0-4Keyham 1
12/09/2018Axe and Square 23-1Thurmaston 1
12/09/2018Banks Roadies3-1Redcaps 1
12/09/2018Old Black Horse 12-2Belper Arms 1

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
12/09/2018Blaby Foxes2-2Blaby Tigers
12/09/2018Redcaps 22-2Nags Head Donington
12/09/2018The Birch Tree 10-4Malt Shovel Old Boys
12/09/2018Three Crowns 14-0Anchor 1
12/09/2018Three Crowns 31-3Bulls Head 2

Division 3

Submitted Home Away
13/09/2018Glenhills 44-0Castle Donington 2
13/09/2018Keyham 32-2Beacon 1
06/09/2018Castle Donington 24-0Belper 2 Bandits
06/09/2018Keyham 32-2Glenhills 4
05/09/2018Bulls Head 13-1Axe Gladerunners 2015

Division 4

Submitted Home Away
12/09/2018Nags 22-2Glenhills 3
12/09/2018Top Bombers2-2The Birch Tree 2
06/09/2018Glenhills 33-1Three Crowns 4
06/09/2018Top Bombers2-2Nags 2
05/09/2018Belper Arms 41-3The Birch Tree 2

Division 5

Submitted Home Away
13/09/2018Leicester Banks3-1Nags 1
12/09/2018Belper Arms 54-0Ratby Rogues
05/09/2018Belper Arms 50-4Plough Inn 1
05/09/2018Nags 13-1Ratby Rogues
05/09/2018Plough Inn Skittlers0-4Leicester Banks

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Notice Board

Woolwich Trophy 2018 Quarter Final Draw : Axe and Square 2 v Bulls Head 2, Leicester Banks v The Birch Tree 2, Glenhills 4 v Keyham 3, Rutland Panthers v Three Crowns 1. (Neutral venues to be notified as soon as they've been arranged)

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Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Rutland Panthers22256
Axe and Square 25544

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Three Crowns 120249
Bulls Head 215446
Malt Shovel Old Boys11841

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Glenhills 42729
Keyham 3-526
Bulls Head 1-2026

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
The Birch Tree 219442
Nags 214538
Top Bombers14435

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Leicester Banks22145
Nags 19035
The Birch Tree 32230

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